1st Generation iPod Nano Recall

Recently Apple posted a recall on a select few of their 1st generation iPod Nano’s. According to their site, 2011-11-11 was the date of the recall announcement. I became aware of this recall via iClarified.com – an Apple blog that I follow very regularly – in fact, they are my first choice when it comes to Apple news. After verifying the serial number, I learned that I had an iPod Nano that was affected by the battery defect behind this recall. I didn’t use my iPod Nano very much – it mainly stayed in my car and kept audiobooks on it that I would occasionally listen to on long road trips.

I filled out my information via Apple’s replacement program site, and was notified that I would receive a UPS box which I could return my iPod Nano in. About two weeks later I received a box with instructions on how to pack and return the Nano. I shipped it off via the pre-paid UPS shipping provided by Apple. About a month later, I received an email notice letting me know that my repaired iPod Nano was en route.

Two days later (and right on schedule) a UPS parcel from Apple was delivered to me. When I opened it up, I was very surprised (and extremely delighted) to learn that Apple had replaced my old 1st generation iPod Nano (released February 7th, 2006), with a brand new 6th generation iPod Nano (released September 1st, 2010)!  This is customer service at it’s absolute finest. In every experience I’ve had with Apple, their customer service has impressed me. There are a number of other companies out there that have a very similarly high level of customer service, which I will write about in the future. But for now, the spotlight is on Apple for going the extra mile for their recall on a product over 5 years old.

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