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Confirmed: Apple retail store coming to Masonville Place

As an Apple fan that lives in London, Ontario, this is extremely exciting news. In the past, the closest Apple store to London was the one in Partridge Creek, MI where I purchased the original iPhone, and stood in line for both the original iPad and the iPad 2. On August 13th, 2011 an Apple store opened in Waterloo, ON which is now the closest Apple store to London, but I still have yet to go...

Apple iPad 3

Earlier today, Apple introduced the much anticipated new version of their iPad. While most were anticipating that it would be called either the iPad 3, the iPad HD, or the iPad 2S, we now know that it is officially called “The new iPad”. I haven’t really taken a liking to the name of it yet, but maybe it will grow on me – I mean, how long can we really call it the new┬áiPad...

1st Generation iPod Nano Recall

Recently Apple posted a recall on a select few of their 1st generation iPod Nano’s. According to their site, 2011-11-11 was the date of the recall announcement. I became aware of this recall via iClarified.com – an Apple blog that I follow very regularly – in fact, they are my first choice when it comes to Apple news. After verifying the serial number, I learned that I had an...

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