I’ve always been fascinated by the demand for used Apple products. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that their products carry such a high demand, it’s just that the response I get when posting a used Apple product on Kijiji or eBay amazes me every time. Last night I posted two iPad 2’s for sale on Kijiji (1 16GB White, 1 16GB Black) for $420/each.

Within an hour I had about 5 to 6 replies for each iPad 2. Some offers were ridiculous, acting as if $280 cash is so much better than the $400 of other monetary payment the other guy is offering. In every Kijiji experience I’ve ever had, the purchaser has always paid in cash, so I’m not sure why saying cash, or cold hard cash, etc. would mean anything. Back on track here – a few offers for trades, including a snowboard in one offer, and a BlackBerry and some cash in another. I suppose sometimes these ‘offers’ might work, but as with most things on Kijiji, I was just looking for the money.

iPad 2 BlemishesSo less than 24 hours later, I received the full asking price of $420 for the black iPad 2, and $375 for the white iPad 2 – due in part to a few small blemishes down the right edge of the casing (see pic to the right). In fact, the buyer of the black iPad 2 drove in from Hamilton, ON just to buy it. The bottom line is that if you take pristine care of your Apple products and hang on to all of the original packaging – including the plastic wrappers the components come in (charger, sync cable, etc.), the box, and even the bag from the Apple store, you can demand top dollar for when you put your items up for resale.

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