Confirmed! Apple retail store coming to Masonville Place

As an Apple fan that lives in London, Ontario, this is extremely exciting news. In the past, the closest Apple store to London was the one in Partridge Creek, MI where I purchased the original iPhone, and stood in line for both the original iPad and the iPad 2. On August 13th, 2011 an Apple store opened in Waterloo, ON which is now the closest Apple store to London, but I still have yet to go there.

A recent job posting from Masonville Place indicates that they are hiring for various positions for an Apple retail store. The opening day of the store is still unknown, but rumours have it opening sometime in the summer – and likely in the old Eddie Bauer location on the second floor beside the Gap and Forever 21. I think this store will do quite well in Masonville Place. I’ve included a screenshot of the job posting below.

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