Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro (nicknamed ‘AVP’ on the socials) is finally out in the wild! But sadly, it’s not available in Canada yet. There are rumours it could be released here as soon as June 2024, but we will have to wait and see.

Here are the things I am most excited for with Apple Vision Pro:


To me, this would be my number one use case for enjoyment out of the AVP. When they showed the demo of the NBA Courtview Replay at WWDC last year, my mouth hit the floor - this has been my dream for decades now - except for hockey. I always explained it like this: “imagine you get to watch the Leafs game on your coffee table as if you were watching a bubble-hockey game”. This is not available at launch, but there are a ton of incredible sports examples showing you were things are going. I don’t often post photos on my blog posts, but I absolutely have to for this one. Have a look and tell me this doesn’t excite you!


Watching movies and tv shows on this thing is going to be crazy. A movie theatre-size screen in my living room to be immersed in the action? Yes please!

3D Movies

The home 3D movie-watching experience has never been great. 1) It’s required the use of special glasses, which effectively decrease the brightness of your tv by 50%, and 2) you’re still watching it on a small (compared to a theatre) tv which doesn’t make the effect that captivating. However, with the ability to size up to theatre-sized screens, and the brightness issue resolved since each eyeball has it’s own full-brightness screen, I think this will finally be a good home 3D movie experience.


While I would not want to be the first one wearing this thing in public, I do think this would be great to use while flying - either for light work or, of course, for watching movies/shows. At the very least, it would help you forget that the nearest setback is 24” from your face.

Speaking of flying, I'm going to drop in this video here for one of my good friends, and long-time reader of the site - pretty cool stuff!


With the Voyager by ForeFlight app on Apple Vision Pro, users can immerse themselves in a real-time aviation environment like never before and bring airports to life in 3D that can be viewed from any angle.

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