iPhone 15 Pro Max

Picked up an iPhone 15 Pro Max this year, and I have noted to others that this is my 4th favourite iPhone of all time, ranked as follows:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPhone 4
  3. iPhone X
  4. iPhone 15 Pro (& Pro Max)

Having said that, and even though it only ranks fourth on my list, I think the iPhone 15 Pro's are the most refined iPhones ever. I'm a huge fan of titanium, and this is a big part of my reason for loving it so much, but overall the iPhone 15 Pro Max just feels so great in the hand. Impossible to describe with words really. This is also the first time since the iPhone 4S that I've chosen something other than the particular tint of black on offer for a given year. I went with Natural Titanium, and to me it just looks fantastic - like what luxury electronics used to aspire to, but of course refined for 2023.

Feature wise, my favourite thing about the new phones is automatic portrait mode. So many times in the past I missed shots, or forgot to switch to portrait mode first, or worse, switched to portrait mode, but then didn't get the shot because of the long delay before you can capture the next frame. With kids, this meant many missed moments. Now, I simply shoot in the normal camera mode all the time, and have the option to add in portrait mode blurring after the fact - it's a true game changer!

USB-C is nice, but I mainly charge with MagSafe, and don't do much data transfer activities, but I do look forward to a more streamlined travel setup. However, I do wish that they eventually re-launch the MagSafe Duo with USB-C, or another updated compact charger option designed by Apple.

So far, I continue to be truly mesmerized by this phone every time I pick it up - case-less of course!

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